Arsenal Legend Reveals Why Wenger Doesn’t Usually Want To Spend 

The gunners have been a well known club that could usually back out of bidding battles of players with other European clubs.

Arsene Wenger has for long been known as a manager that doesn’t spend a lot on players but that attitude of his started changing as he brought in some expensive players like Aubamayeng and Alexandre Lacazette.

Arsenal Legend Thiery Henry says that the manager doesn’t want to sign some expensive players because he believes they are not worth it;


“It seems like people always say that he does not want to spend big.’ the legend is quoted by MIRROR SPORT.

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‘He will always think that some of the players are not worth the price that you put on a table.”

( Wenger and Thiery Henry / Getty )

The gunners have missed out on a number of chances to sign high top level players in the past because the French manager is usually not willing to let go of the money, for example, the Luis Suarez saga where Arsene Wenger failed to get the Uruguayan international just because he didn’t want to meet the asking price.

The manager has however changed because he has realised that football has changed, you got to spend to compete with other clubs.


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