Henry Tells Wenger What Should Be His Main Aim This Season 

The gunners have had another disappointing season as things have not gone as they were expected by the Arsenal fans in August 2017.

The gunners are currently out of the race for the EPL title and to make things worse, they are at a risk of missing out on the UEFA Champions League again which could anger the club sponsors.

Their only hope of silverware is the Carabao Cup and are fortunately in the finals. Gunners legend Thiery Henry is worried about his former team’s performance and he gives Arsene Wenger the advice of working on winning the Europa League, because if carries much value;

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“Should they focus on the Europa and let the league go. I don’t think you can do that but you should go really strong on trying to win the Europa League.’ the legend spoke on a sports TV programme.

‘At the end of the day, that brings you back into the Champions League and you are winning a trophy.”

( The UEFA Europa League trophy / Getty)

Some Gooners will agree with their legend but their manager recently said that he doesn’t like going into next year’s UCL campaign through Europa League so he will first put all his tabs in getting back in the top four.

The gunners are however even much closer to getting silverware in less than two weeks away from now because the finals of the Carabao Cup are in this month but most football analysts believe that it is a useless cup competition which they shouldn’t even mark it as important for the club.

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